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The search engine with sauce.


An IndexingScheme for many wikis, not just one wiki. Along similar lines to TwinPages and InterWiki. Allows titles searches on multiple wikis at once. Only known, supported wikis will be searched, however. To petition for more, please add the index page to the list on AllPages and then send an e-mail to mailto:sunir@sunir.org. For discussion regarding problems of the indexing process, or improvements to the technology, see MetaWikiDiscussion.

There's also a nice magic mode where you can use MetaWiki by just appending the search terms onto the end of the script:


And another magic mode where you can do a title search on only one wiki:


And another magic mode where you can use MetaWiki as a redirector:


And yet another magic mode where you can jump to a RandomPage of a particular wiki, or of any indexed wiki:


And still one more magic mode where you can get the page listings of any indexed site:


And still another magic mode that implements LikePages:


Source code available at http://sunir.org/src/meatball/IndexingSchemes. The data files are available at

The database. Very large.

MetaWiki's version of the InterMap.

Daily statistics.

Fun things to do with bookmarks

At least in InternetExplorer there's a link bar which holds a bunch of bookmarks that you want to get to in one click. If you make the URL of the bookmark JavaScript, you can do nifty things. Create a bookmark with the URL


For Mozilla


and put it under Links in your Favorites. Then you can search MetaWiki automagically by selecting text and hitting the button, or just hitting the button. This is "cleverly" adapted from something FridemarPache showed me once (I just changed the URL).

How to use MetaWiki to implement TwinPages

There is a special superfast interface for other wikis to get all its TwinPages known by MetaWiki. It uses HTTP POST as the transport, if you know how to do that. The parameters are "twin" for the index listing and "wiki" for your InterWiki name (if you have one). If you don't know how to use POST, use [this HTML] to do it by hand:

        Your wikis name here: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="wiki" VALUE="">
        Your index here:
        <TEXTAREA NAME="twin" STYLE="width:80%;height=80%"></TEXTAREA><P>
        <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Search">

The input format is very simple. Send an list of the titles on your wiki, space delimited. It's faster if you alphabetize the list, case insensitive. If you allow spaces in your page names escape them as you would normally in the URL. e.g.


The script will return plaintext. Each line is of the following format: the first word is the title on your wiki matched, the second word is the title on the foreign wikis matched, the remaining words are the foreign wikis with TwinPages. If a page matched nothing, it won't appear in the output. If a page matches multiple renditions of the same title, it will appear on multiple lines but with different foreign titles. A blank line signals the end of the TwinPages list. The next section is the InterMap file used. Its form is a sequence of lines, the first word being the InterWiki name, the rest of the line being the URL pattern. In the URL pattern, the first space (including the newline) is a placeholder for the page name. e.g.

PageOne PageOne MeatballWiki WikiWiki
PageOne Page%20one UseModWiki
PageTwo PageTwo Tavi

MeatballWiki http://meatballwiki.org/wiki/
AndStuffWiki http://andstuff.org/
DolphinWiki http://www.object-arts.com/wiki/html/Dolphin/ .htm
Tavi http://tavi.sourceforge.net/
UseModWiki https://www.usemod.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?
WikiWiki http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?


And it's super fast. I can search all of WikiWiki's pages in less than 10 seconds. But that doesn't mean you should abuse it. You probably only need to update your information once a week as that is how often the server fetches new indices.

The title matching uses WikiNameCanonicalization.

Currently indexable engines

NOTE: J¨¹rgenHermann, author of MoinMoin, has added a special mode to index MoinMoin in response to the MetaWiki search engine. Nonetheless, provided you use the same TitleIndex? format as the original MoinMoin, I have a script that will read in your page listing.






Recent Additions

Recent Deletions

Recent Hacks

The metamap also now implements InterMapPostFix using a space as the delimiter instead of the kludgy $PAGE. This is inline with UseMod 2.0 and it is backwards compatible with the previous UseMod InterMap format (including MeatBall's InterMapTxt).


Sunir, the Wiki:RandomPage script you've created is intermittently failing for me. Sometimes it redirects to http://sunir.org/apps/SamplePage instead of http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?SamplePage. I've been unable to detect a pattern in the failures. Maybe you have an idea? -- JohannesGijsbers


A trillion other wikis. See metastats.

I heard community-wiki is not referred in meta-wiki. Could you please add it? Meta-wiki seems to get of special interest in connection with [clean linking], see also [community-wiki: clean linking]. I will get of even more importance in connection with [community-wiki: topic-nodes] -- MattisManzel

Sunir I tried to use MetaWiki to search for page names on MeatBall by a specific search like (http://sunir.org/apps/meta.pl?wiki=MeatballWiki&words=Community). It failed but this (http://sunir.org/apps/meta.pl?words=Community) works and shows all sites. -- DavidLiu 5Apr05

Might there be a way to piggyback on DelIcioUs? or TechnoRati as a directory server? http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki/z2005-09-30-DeliciousForSisterSites --BillSeitz

This is interesting. I have thought of SwitchWiki in such a way that might benefit from this idea. -- MarkDilley

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