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T[[LikePlusButton]] <-> http://piratepad.net/LikePlusButton This document is in the form of a [[WikiConversation]] under [[CcBySa??]], such that it can be freely distributed and improved in the Web.

F= FridemarPache

J= Joker (for simulating Conversation, as long as there is no other partner here)

... Your author signature

From Conventional Like in SocialNetwork?s

F: Anybody here knows what a LikeButton?? is?

J: Yes, you find it in most of the SocialNetwork?? s

F: You know what effect it produces?

J: Yes, if a person in Facebook e.g. gets Likes, then this improves his/her EdgeRank??, that is something similar to a PageRank...

To an innovative LikePlus? with built-in Micropay'''

F: Now I suggest a LikePlusButton, that works like the LikeButton?? but in combination with MicroPayment.

J: I think this could be done as an app for all appropriate SocialNetwork?? s that offer some API.

F: You see the additional benefits for this game-like improvement?

J: Yes, a LikePlus?? really produces a sort of income for those people who give the most pleasure or usefulness to their peers.

F: We need MicroPayment providers with a zero provision for the Microtransactions, delivering an IframePayButton??, that can be used on Websites, Blogs, and as an app in SocialNetworks??.

With zero transaction provision?

J: I hope that there are enough providers, who allow a provision of zero percent apart from transmitting the accumulated money back to one's own bank account.

F: Really, how about the initial load?

J: The initial load with some cents, can be done via lossless micropay for the receiver.

F: And the transfer from the Micropayment Account to the convential Home Bank Account of the owner?

J: .. can be done via e.g. PayPal with their usual fees.

F: Can you tell me the social provider of Micropay transactions who offers zero cost transfers as an option.

Zero Provision Providers of Micropay

J: Yes, it's http://YourCent.com

Micropay Communities in SocialNetworks??

F: Is there a Facebookpage for YourCent??

J: Yes you can find it via internal FB search.

Some Suggestions

F: I suggest two things.

(1) If someone in the target wikis or forums (to which this Pad is copied) doesn't want to have their contribution under CcBySa??, please mark it explicitly so that we don't copy it back, but only

quote it under fair use.

(2) Write an app for Facebook and make possibly 750 Million people happy to earn possibly a lot of pennies even with oneliners.

The author also posted this post on the twinpage Wiki:LikePlusButton, without subtitles, but where some more CamelCase links might be resolved.

-- FridemarPache

Somebody deleted my page on c2, why that? I think it is such a useful contribution to the community, that doesn't deserve it. -- FridemarPache


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