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PayPal has been one of the most dominant payment methods on the Internet. It is built on top of existing infrastructure, primarily functioning on the credit card system. PayPal's chief claim to fame, and consequent rise to power, was their support for peer-to-peer payments to facilitate such things as (and most importantly) EbayDotCom (PayPal is now owned by EbayDotCom). PayPal has also an excellent fraud-prevention system, which (small) merchants greatly appreciate. On the other hand, PayPal has not been approved by the BetterBusinessBureau due to the large number of complaints filed against it.

CommerceNET? has written a very detailed [analysis] of PayPal. (The link appears to be dead, but a copy of the analysis can still be viewed at web.archive.org [copy]). There is more detailed information for [Paypal Merchants] available.

What about inviting PayPal to the wiki community for a pilot program, where virtual cents are collected on a PayPerView basis. The accumulated money is distributed to the page authors according to viewers vote. If no vote is given, then the money is evenly distributed.

A brainstorming on PayPerView could open up alternatives for applying this principle to ecommerce enabled Wikis. -- FridemarPache

PayPal has recently added more countries, including [Paypal Spain]. It used to be just American. It's probably a good enough solution for American-centric sites.

If the contribution is unsigned, the money-component accumulates to the Wiki Host

I wouldn't want to see any such activity on my favorite online community wiki. By all means find some other place to do it. The problem is that you will need 1. a popular place, and 2. you must convince the current users of the popular place to pay. I don't know how you are going to do it. --AlexSchroeder.

I too don't think it would be useful on an online community site per se because it increases the barrier to entry. Maybe on something like the w3c where membership fees are used to restrict random changes to the standards. There, you have to pay to edit the standard. -- SunirShah

only a voluntary system could work -- http://www.two-cents-worth.com/?188428

On [July 9, 2001], KuroShin added PayPal subscriptions. As of July 29, 2001, they have collected $280.00USD. Alternatively, there was talk [once] of using PayPal or eGold to pay content authors directly.

Similar to PayPal is Amazon's PayPage.

See PowerAnswer for a case involving PayPal.


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