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Judging from the ExternalReferrals script, we got a couple hits from Links2Go directly to this wiki and my namepage. So, I checked out and it's a bizarre (but potentially nifty) web indexing engine.

It presents search results as a localized portion of the link graph in its database, showing parent, child and sibling (and cousin, and other relationships I don't get) pages. However, the relationships aren't obvious. I managed to wander within a few links between my name and a page about a woman's pet rabbits.

Much like the GoogleSearchEngine, it seems to rank sites based on citations on other pages. But I seriously doubt the rabbit page is one of the top ranked pages on the internet.

Anyway, the user interface is really obnoxious and I have yet to find any information with it that I could use. I think it could be useful, though. The technology would be similar to the IndexingScheme I'm trying to design to automatically detect the "centres" or "foci" of the LinkDatabase.

I wonder if there are any other more successful search engines that work like this? Google, certainly, but that's only for the page ranking. -- SunirShah


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