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A LocalSiteMap is an IndexingScheme that shows the local structure of the wiki, in a tree-like display. You see what pages are linked from the current page, and then the links from those pages, and so on and so forth. You usually limit the depth of the tree and/or the number of items.

SteveHowell contributed a LocalSiteMap feature to MoinMoin. One of the other Python wiki implementations may have it.

I had a patch for UseMod to do something similar. See UseMod:WikiExplorer. -- KevinTaylor

Is this really an IndexingScheme? It is just a visualization of the place you are already at, rather than a different topology that makes connections to different places elsewhere in the graph.

Sure, why not. Let's not get Aristotelian.

good point!

The wiki at http://bobmc.net has a sidebar which encourages the mapping of all wiki pages to a central scheme. One can still create arbitrary pages but relevance to the sidebar map is preferred. To me, this seems like an indexing scheme. -- BobMcIsaac

See TouchGraphWikiBrowser, HowDoesThisWikiLook

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