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LogiLogi 0.28 plankton

Freely available under the GPL

Its newest features are Sections and Multilanguage. Also TailPages? and a Yearparser are included. Last but not least there's also a user editable MenuList?, NewsPage?, and a WhiteBoard? for each section.

Have a look at http://www.logilogi.org to see it in action.

Sections means:

A page called


Looking like




will result in WikiWord linking to SectioN?/WikiWord If that page does not exist however, but OtherSection?/WikiWord does, it will link there automatically untill a page called SectioN?/WikiWord is created.

Another feature of Sections is that inside (that is in SectioN?/ itself or in Section/AnySubPage?) each Section/ will show the links that appear in a page called SectioN?/MenuList? as a menu at the left side of the page.

Each section also has a NewsPage?, and a WhiteBoard?, that are parsed into the SectioN?/ page.

Multilanguage means:

If a page called


does exist in German, but not in English then a user will automatically see the german version, even if visiting http://en.logilogi.org

Navigation between language-versions of pages can be done by pressing the language icons above and below each page.


It is implemented using an alias-table, a pages-table, and pages_LanguageCode tables for the different language-versions.

The other aspects of the implementation can be best explored by downloading and experimenting with the source-code of logilogi 0.28 plankton available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/logilogi/


The next main item on the ToDo? list for LogiLogi is the separation of the parsing and viewing-parts to allow caching of Incoming Links, Ten recentchanges, and maybe even the body of the wikipages.

For this I was thinking about using XML inside a MySQL?-table, to enjoy the advantages of both. Adding and removing items for each page touched by these changes at the moment a new page is saved, or links are added to an existing one (this is some sort of object oriented approach).


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