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The term WikiWord is ambiguous. It usually means "page name" but it is also sometimes used as "part of page name".


Page name. The majority of the wiki community uses it (see Wiki:WikiWord) as a synonym for the page name, in the sense of a word in the pattern language.

Part of page name. Less often WikiWord is used for the parts of a page name: the page name WikiWord would contain the parts Wiki and Word.


Wiki name. Several of the backlinks use it to mean "WikiName", too.

Role of CamelCase. In defining parts or words, one shouldn't refer to CamelCase. There are CamelCaseAlternatives. Parts can for example be separated by spaces or underscores. Languages like Chinese won't even need a separator, because each glyph or character represents a word.

We can either standardize on the non-standard, or use something unambiguous like WikiNamePart?.

c2's use of WikiWord(s) creates (page) titles.

Common practice at c2: is to create a meaningful page name by running Words together. This creates a 'key' to the page in what is commonly called CamelCase.

In a smaller scale, within a smaller scope, it is frequently useful to have a recognizable WikiSyllable?, within a WikiWord. A possible concern regarding the use of WikiNamePart? as standard nomenclature for the parts of a wiki word is that it falls short of supporting some of the potentially broader concepts that might emerge. For example, WikiSyllable?, WikiWord, Wiki(Index)String, WikiAlais? ( Also Known As Alias PageAlias ?), WikiTitle?, WikiSentence?, ...

It may be useful to consider defining a common terminology for this larger set, given that there continues to be a lot of development effort dedicated to wiki software and the more we agree on such things, the less likely we are to build another TowerOfBabel?.

Idea that fits close to my WikiWeblog interpretation, similar to OneBigSoup? and PersonalInformationManager: Currently, this page is the top google hit for WikiWord - I wonder why, is it because google isn't indexing WardsWiki? (If it is just that this page is higher ranked, I was curious if anyone would join in an experiment and try to use weblog posts with the title "WikiWord" and the body pointing to WardsWiki, as it may be considered a place of respect in this community. Sort of BludgeonTheData? strategy for trying to push for an additional use of the web (because most people would be using HTML to do it. So, in weblogs, have people start using WikiWords, (weblogs would combind the aceptable looking webpage for the idea of a WikiWord). This would signify that the person or group would begin to communicate with such systems (probably BludgeoningTheData? in HTML). Thoughts if any? -- MarkDilley

I've been sucessfully using WikiTitles? as page titles, WikiWords and WikiSylables? for the segments of a WikiWord in quite a few communications lately. I'm not sure its something that needs to be part of a common terminology because I think the "know you audience" rule is actually a higher priority in achieving effective communications. That being said, I will certainly incorporate anything at all helpful into the Glossaries I maintain. -- HansWobbe

Yes!, that is what I mean, and the way I am thinking about it, it becomes your version of the wikiword (on your weblog) thus solving your audience issue and being a concentrator of information. --MarkDilley


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