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I'm all about:

	* Personal stuff at http://schumann.cleveland.oh.us
	* Business stuff at http://criticalresults.com

I've contributed a fair amount on WardsWiki but not very much here yet. I developed a love of Agile software development there, and am now following many Extreme Programming practices including refactoring and "doing the simplest thing that could possibly work."

I believe that in Meyers-Briggs terms I'm an ENFP ("Champion"). This surprised me at first when I took a little online quiz and then I realized it's probably pretty accurate. I'm clearly extroverted (the E) and am also a strong P, but the NF part is middling.

Welcome Mark :-) -- FridemarPache

Hi, Fridemar--thanks for the kind welcome. -- MarkSchumann

Hello Mark welcome to Meatball. -- AaronPoeze


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