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Hi. I'm MartinWallace living in Denton TX. I am a library worker at the University of North Texas Research Park Library. I recently completed my Master's degree in information sciences. I discovered the MeatballWiki back in December while searching for information on Eventualism, and very much enjoy this site. I want to learn more about the WikiWay and one day hope I can teach something too.

I've also been studying Zen philosophy. I don't know if it's done on purpose or if it is happenstance, but the MeatballWiki is very Zen. I hope that by identifying it as such doesn't ruin it.

     I've seen how others have noticed this - and the idea is being developed on Wiki:WikiZen. Thanks MarkDilley for showing me!

I've also started noticing BarnStars? on buildings everywhere around here, but I think that the meaning has been lost and that they are being used as decoration more than for any good reason. But since this is Texas one can expect to see lot's of BarnStars? used as decoration.

I pop in to Meatball ever so often and wish I could contribute more.

Thank you.


I will develop this more later - I'm firm believer in Eventualism.

I have bachelor's degrees in both philosophy and fine arts, and have just completed my Master's degree in Information Science - specifically the organization and retreival of information.

Concepts for future Wikis or Wiki pages:

This is a list of ideas that I would like to develop using Wiki.

GuardAgainstDecoration? - Since I first learned about BarnStars? here on Meatball, I've noticed barn stars on buildings everywhere: banks, shopping malls, libraries - everywhere! Most of these barn stars serve as decoration. I'm interested in how concepts such as the barn star lose their meaning once appropriated into the decor of popular culture. This may also be related to Meme life cycle. Once a meme has fully saturated a culture it has in essence died (having lost original meaning). Sort of a paradox, or inverse relationship of ubiquity vs. substance.

PreCoordinatedSchizophrenia? - The idea that cultural order is schizophrenic by design.

PhilosophyOfInformation? - This is a fairly broad concept and will likely emerge as a new Wiki. It will encompass information ethics, aesthetics, symantic meaning, epistemology, historical use, and many other topics.

Hello Martin, check out Wiki:WikiZen, Best, MarkDilley

     Thanks Mark! That is a good read.

Martin, welcome. Go ahead and start writing, we'll surely enjoy it. -- HelmutLeitner

     Hi Helmut! I have really enjoyed reading your work on MeatballWiki. I look forward to contributing more.



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