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I can be found at http://matt.undertheoak.net

I work at IBM in the corporate knowledge management program and am responsible for the company's internal vision for communities of practice and interest.

Before IBM, it was all about psychology, and playing/sharing in a world of ListServ, MultiUserDungeons and LambdaMoos...

Before that, it all emerged from the Midwest (where it is important to be earnest.) The romantic view would reference river towns, bluffs on the Mississippi, and small town values and treasures.

Welcome, Matthew! I'm not sure whether you remember me, but we met on one of your past visits to the IBM RTP site. You may be curious to find Babble referenced here in SociallyTranslucentSystems. I've been wanting for a while to write a few more details on Babble there, but haven't had the time to do so. -- ScottMoonen

Hi Scott! The Start Link Central meeting right? I remember. Guess what? For [CommunityBuilders], something Wiki this way comes. -- MatthewSimpson



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