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OK. This is my second day with the Wiki system and I must admit that I'm still pretty confused. This is radically different from any other kind of online forum I've perused. But it's starting to make some sense in bits and spurts.

One thing I wanted to do was to create a link to a new page named: UnfairRatingAlert so I can start a new page on this topic. And it worked. OK, cool.

Who am I and why am I here?

My name is J. Maynard Gelinas. Currently I work as a Sr. Linux Administrator and Computational Manager in the Laboratory for Nuclear Science at MIT. Basically, I manage a batch queue for computational jobs and a bunch of desktops, all running Linux. In my offtime I spend way too much energy in online forums like http://www.kuro5hin.org and http://www.slashdot.org, as well as a life eaten by normal pursuits such as a girlfriend, reading, films, cafes, etc. I live in Central Square, Cambridge -- just a short walk from Harvard Square and my office. As of this writing I'm 32 years of age.

What drew me to this site was an email discussion regarding Kuro5hin MojoAnalysis which grew from several emails and a K5 post on abusive ratings by certain members, and the issues surrounding encoding some measure of fairness within the scoop codebase -- if that's even possible at all. I've been told that to really follow the deep issues of this subject I'll need to read Lessig's "Code and other laws of cyberspace", which I've bought and since started; a fascinating read.

I have one complaint about the wiki system so far, which isn't really a function of wiki but more a browser bug within Netscape. The text box in Netscape has a terrible problem with wrapping text within the box once it grows too large. The proper fix to this would be to embed emacs (or some other suitable editor) within Mozilla I guess. For large posts I've taken to simply cut and paste the entire text into an emacs window and edit from there. Actually, it's much nicer that way anywho.

Do you have the same problem on other sites with large text segments?

Yes. It's really a bug in Netscape-4.76/Linux. There appears to be a memory leak within the text wrapping code which continues to grow the larger the text and the longer one edits. If I let it go too long Netscape simply uses up all available memory. I've even had my system crash by exhausting all virtual memory before. It's a pretty horrible bug. See BadBrowsersMustDie.

[Delete at will] If you'd like, you can set your UserName (displayed on RecentChanges) on the Preferences page. Just enter MaynardGelinas in the UserName line. I hope you enjoy your stay. --CliffordAdams (shuddering at the thought of embedding emacs. ;-)



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