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This page describes the MeatballBoard efforts to create a resilient BackupAndRestore system for Meatball and its related projects.

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How does it work?

After creating an S3 account, and a S3 bucket was created using the /home/backup/s3-create.pl script (which uses SOAP::Amazon::S3 from CPAN).

Every night, /etc/cron.daily/backup calls /home/backup/backup which dumps the MeatballWiki PostgresQL? database (add more if you need to), rotates the BibWiki logs, cleans out the mailboxes, and uses duplicity with BitBucket to incrementally backup the system. Once a month, /etc/cron.monthly/backup calls /home/backup/backup full to do a full snapshot (key frame) backup.

Edit the BACKUP-MANIFEST to include more in the backup. Currently, that file looks like:


To restore, use the /home/backup/restore <time interval> script. By default, it restores the last revision. You can restore a specific file in the archive using the /home/backup/restore-file <absolute-path> script. It will put the restored files in the /home/backup/restored directory.

You can get a full list of files in the archive using /home/backup/list-current-files.

Technically speaking, it may not be necessary to actually backup individual files if we can backup the entire Linux system.

The major issue right now is a lack of developer muscle to get this done. If anyone has done this before and has some tips, tricks, shortcuts, pitfalls they would like to relate, that would be most handy. -- SunirShah


Refactored into BackupAndRestore.

Assuming [MeatballDatabaseRelations], could use the revision column to determine whats changed. SELECT * FROM revisions WHERE revision > //previousBackUpRevision//. If previousBackUpRevision == 0 then get a full backup of the [VersionHistory]. -- JaredWilliams

Currently, the entire compressed binary pg_dump is around 25MB. Even if the backup diff algorithm cannot do anything with it, and assuming no more growth of the database, it will take 41 weeks before it costs me 15 cents USD. I don't think it is worth it to optimize it. -- SunirShah


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