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Welcome to everyone visiting from WikiPedia. We encourage you to contribute here, but before doing so, you should explore and get a feel for the way MeatballWiki operates. MeatballMission lists our main goals and values, and the MeatballBackgrounder is a good general primer.

Here are a few differences between MeatballWiki and Wikipedia:

Technical differences

MeatballWiki is powered by a heavily-modified version of UseModWiki. In its early days, Wikipedia used UseModWiki, and so it heavily influenced the design of MediaWiki. You should find things quite familiar, but there are differences:

See TextFormattingRules for details on the wiki syntax, and use the SandBox to practice.

Cultural differences


Sometimes MeatballWiki is used as a platform to air grievences about Wikipedia. We ask you not to do that. Any particular issues should be discussed at [Meta-Wikimedia] or on the appropriate [Wikipedia mailing list]. However, Wikipedia cases can and should be used here on MeatballWiki as examples of general community issues.

We hope you enjoy contributing to MeatballWiki. Have fun!

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