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Some phrases get used over and over again, characterising MeatBall thinking and MeatBall philosophy. It may be worthwhile to explain the thinking behind them in more detail, or to question whether they are becoming dangerous GroupThink.

There are no WikiMasters.

Lead with your HandsHeartAndMind.

It may not be an easy solution, but it is the easiest.

People and people and computers and people.

We unfold and help to unfold.

Friends make the worst enemies.

Meatball is boring.

Blogging is sadness.

Keep your FeatureKarma off the floor.

Write for readers five years from now.

Increase clarity.

Don't mistake the organization for the wiki.

Sanity must prevail.

We seek always the better answer.

You will be here longer than they will.

We all have our reasons for being online.

Everyone online is running from something.

Wiki is primarily a social, not a technical phenomenon.

That won't work (meant as a scientific prediction put to test by falsification).

People count.

And, of course, Die, you #!@@#%^ CryptoNaut!#$!$!

Along similar lines, there are some pages we use as political emblems, rallying cries to action--the cudgels. ContentOverForm, BarnRaising, AvoidIllusion, LimitTemptation, ForgiveAndForget, FairProcess, GoByCar, UseRealNames, CryptoNaut, SoftSecurity, HardSecurity, ShallowPage, FeatureKarma, AssumeGoodFaith, etc. Cudgels are probably deprecated, though: cf. MentioningPatterns.


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