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The title Wiki Master is awarded to those denizens of a wiki that know how to express themselves, who can play along CommunityExpectation, act as a RoleModel, and carry enough authority to deliver the occasional Wiki:ZenSlap.

There are no wiki masters.

A WikiMaster would shape Wiki. No deletions for deletion's sake. No edits for editing's sake. The art is not in the strokes, but in the painting. -- SunirShah

 Master cannot control the bonsai,
 just ask nicely that it live or die.

On one hand, It's impossible for anyone--even a Master--to control how WikiWiki grows because the bonsai is unto itself. It controls itself as any living thing does. Consequently, the Master must ask the bonsai to do what she wants, as one creature to another. Further, the Master cannot do this violently, but has to do this nicely. To see what happens when you don't, just read the objections to our brashness.

On the other hand, using the word bonsai suggests all that pruning (as mentioned above) that a bonsai Master does to keep the bonsai healthy. Indeed, the Master must ask the bonsai to live by working on it. But the Master can also kill the tree if she chooses. Certainly, some people will kill the tree by acting. Thus, you must oppose this by acting.

Of course, there are no wiki masters. No one is "outside" the bonsai. We're all part of TheCollective. -- SunirShah

There are no wiki masters and there is no way to become one. There may be happy moments, but there is no chance to lean back. Thinking about being a master, you've already gone lost.

Caring for being a master - in the bonsai - is not caring for the bonsai, but for yourself and it weakens the tree. It's nice though being called a master by others here and now, especially when you feel you deserve it. -- MattisManzel

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