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The Meatball project is the collection of activities originating on the MeatballWiki community. As such, the focus remains the same: OnlineCommunity. It just goes beyond the wiki medium.

The web, and media like it, looks like a big bowl of meatball spaghetti. You've got content--the meatballs--linked together with the spaghetti.

Meatball deals with the substance of OnlineCulture. That usually means people and communities.

See MeatballMission.

Backlinks from MeatBall: http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?back=MeatBall

Spaghetti doesn't really "link" meatballs together.

I'm just sayin'.

Also, what's the spaghetti? You've got content, the meatballs, linked together with the spaghetti. What does the spaghetti stand for? Or is it literal spaghetti? That would actually explain a lot. --EvanProdromou

The spaghetti is the PageLink?s.

If you want to see spaghetti links, try this: http://xanadu.com/cosmicbook/. Too bad there's not a web browser (yet) that can do that.

I think the spaghetti are links, that link the meatballs together??

Well there is always more spaghetti than meatballs, and in a way, it's like this wiki; some meatballs, but a lot of spaghetti. Kinda like a network mesh-topology (a computer network style where all the nodes are connected to all the other nodes).


The community and the topics at hand are the spaghetti. We are meatballs. We are all connected meatballs in a community of spaghetti. A spaghetti matrix of ideas.

I would say that the important thing about meatballs and spaghetti is that while the spaghetti may tangle and stick together and not be easily separated, the meatball is an individual. It can move around in the spaghetti, it can even leave a trail of mess from itself in the spaghetti, occluding the pure color of the spaghetti. The meatball can also rise from the spaghetti and exist entirely on it's own. One meatball can be a good snack while one piece of spaghetti is just not gonna do it for me.

As for barnraising - I think of the movie "Witness" where there is an example of barnraising.

As for the Swedish meatball...tasty! MJM

Spaghetti and meatballs. Branraising. I am european, German. I partly live in Italy since some years. Italy is now the area Marco Polo brought the idea of "pasta asciutta" (dried dough) to from china in the 14th century. The house where Marco Polo was born is actually about ten minutes from the place I live (these days). Spaghetti are combinded with other things in many pretty tasty ways here. Many, I tell you pretty many. They are not combined with meatballs though. Spaghetti and meatballs simply doesn't exist. There are meatball dishes in Germany. "Königsberger Klopse" for example, meatballs Königsberg style. Königsberg is the place Kant took a walk through here and now, I've never been there. My mother used to make them. They are done with capers insides and a white sauce goes along with them, and they are served with mashed potatoes or with potatoes. I never ever heard about them along with any noodles. Way north, in Sweden, Norway, there is a "boller-culture". "Kjötboller" are meatballs, "fiskeboller" are fishballs. I had some when I lived in Norway 20 years ago. They're ok - but they are usually not combined with noodles as far as I remember. Sweden and Italy are 1500 km from each other there are the alps, and German as a language and maybe even 100eds of local cuisines in between, dunno. Swedish and Italian emigrantes (amongst other) populated north-america, raising barns and creating spaghetti with meatballs. Barns are agicultural countryside things. I grew up and mostly always lived in an urban sourrounding. I never see barns. Barns will have been risen in Europe just as well, I'm sure there have been similar events as barnraising in Europe before, but I do not know of these. Though, nowadays a team of the company comes along and raises a barn, here and in the Americas, I guess. At least I hadn't ever heard of spaghetti with meatballs nor of barnraising ever before dropping into meatball-wiki last autumn. Both are essential to understand the meatball-wiki's idea. The band's name existing since 4 years isn't really genious, but heck, the folk can play. Explain the concepts for non-northamericans as good as you can. It took me more time than it should have when I dropped into them. -- MattisManzel

This page is makin' me happy.

Me too. just discovered meatballwiki. just reading this is makes the world a smaller more friendly place. here's another metaphor after rilke, as said above, we ourselves are meatballs and it is the cyberspaghetti links that allow us to see "the other whole against the sky".

Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue to exist, a wonderful living side by side can grow up, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky. -- Rainer Maria Rilke

This online media project is making me hungry. -- Christian Molick

I get it, spaghetti is like a "series of tubes". Yuk-yuk-yuk.

Do you think this metifor has room for a few more elements? I am very awair that meetballs and spaghetti are not all that go into making a nurishing and tasty meal. Firstly there is an infrastructure preventing them from spilling on the floor. Within this "technological wonder" of a bowl there is a further component to the feast. The vital "sause"! If the meetballs are the content and the spagety is the interlinking fractle like medium that connects them then the sause is context in which the flavours and textures of each component are experiances by the mouth.

I've streached that as far as I can right now. -- LanDenNick?


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