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Part of MeatballWiki's focus is on OnlineCulture. There are many ideas of what constitutes online culture, often encompassing things that aren't strictly net.ethereal like physical HandHeld"s, or even tattoos and tongue piercings. Even fiction, which exists mostly in bound-paper books, can be "OnlineCulture." I refer you to the CyberPunk books here.

Most loosely, you could probably describe OnlineCulture as any culture in a global, technological, futurist context. However, that is really false. Most online culture is American or Japanese or Chinese, and they don't mix very well.

More strictly, you could say OnlineCulture is the culture of OnlineCommunity, or at least online interaction.

To learn about hackers', on-line and system administrators' (and monkey pants!) culture:

The VirtualVolunteeringProject has a page of text and links about OnlineCulture:


You might also want to take a look at ESR's Homesteading The Noosphere http://fringe.davesource.com/Fringe/Computers/Philosophy/Homesteading_The_Noosphere/homesteading.html


And the rest of the MeatballBibliography.

UseNet groups

We should probably move those lists to indices that are better suited, like the MeatballBibliography for the books. Various RFCs are linkable within MeatballWiki directly, ala RFC 42. However, it's best to put those RFCs in context of what they are explaining by linking them from an appropriate page like UniformResourceIdentifier.

A few RFCs are very cultural, but mea culpa I do not have references handy.

Won't people reading MeatballBibliography get overwhelmed if we cram everything in there? -- JohnAbbe

Will fix that when we get there!


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