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By JoshuaSchacter?. One of the many sites out there collecting the junk and the masterpieces, the hilights and the dark spots of the web.

For more information about memes and how to talk about it, take a look at the VirianLexicon.

The memepool is one of my favorites. --AlexSchroeder

It has been superceded by DelIcioUs?.

November 9, 2004. I find it fascinating now that MemePool is totally dead and pointless, it has been overrun by one user, riotnrrd who has posted [three times] as much as anyone else. Talk about camping on a GhostTown. -- SunirShah

Memepool is a multiple-author weblog that lists links to interesting, obscure, weird, or funny items on the web along with a smattering of commentary. Items will often include multiple links whose contents conflict or comment on each other, in a fashion similar to the old sarcastic stylings of Suck.com. Postings to the blog are sporadic: sometimes several in a day, sometimes none for a week or so.[ref]


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