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I just discovered MeatBall after it got hijacked by an Advogato user. SunirShah deleted that page, but the discussion of it had me interested to look around.

I am also on Wiki:MichaelCrawford, and Advogato:person/goingware. My email address is [crawford@goingware.com]

I'm not the same Michael Crawford who sang in Phantom of the Opera. I was born with this name, the actor changed his name for the stage.

I'm a software consultant, and own a one-man corporation called GoingWare?. It's at http://www.goingware.com/

I also have a page originally devoted to my art and music, it's at http://www.geometricvisions.com/ But I'm starting to use it as a general personal page, as opposed to my business page. For example, I have a page on AmateurTelescopeMaking? at http://www.geometricvisions.com/atm/, where I have a sort of diary as I go about making a portable 8 inch reflecting telescope.

I've been drawing interlocking circle patterns like this since I was a small child. I use it as a logo both personally and for my business:

The CircleFlower means something important to me about the absolute perfection of geometry and mathematics, but I can't exactly explain what. I used to devote a great deal of energy to drawing it with precision with cheap schoolchild compasses, later taking great delight in high-quality drafting compasses, writing an editor for them for my first Macintosh application, and eventually doing the above picture in AdobeIllustrator?.

I live in OwlsHeadMaine?, in the USA. It's a nice place.

I like to write. Here are some samples:

GoingWare?'s Bag of Programming Tricks: http://www.goingware.com/tips/, particularly (for C++ programmers) [Pointers, References and Values].

The LinuxQualityDatabase? articles: http://linuxquality.sunsite.dk/articles/

Is this the America I Love? http://www.goingware.com/notes/america.html

-- MichaelCrawford



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