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A MinimumViableProduct? is not just the least amount of code that does something, but the product with the smallest FeatureKarma that meets customer demand. When applying this principle to wikis, the question is what is the minimum viable feature set?

Arguably WikiSyntax parsing is part of this set, assuming there is no improvement in the document editing paradigm that gets past WikiSyntax such as WysiwygWiki.

This is of some academic interest, but also in 2021, we are rebuilding the MeatballWiki instance to be future forward, and thus of pragmatic planning value. -- SunirShah

w/r/t saving UserNames, a good solution might be using TripCode?s (see WikiPedia:Tripcode) like on various imageboards. It allows non-repudiation of SerialIdentity without requiring the server store user data. The result could be stored as part of the recent changes log alongside the username so that the authenticity is publicly verifiable as opposed to session cookies. -- ChrisBrickhouse?

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