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It would be interesting to see how many empty search responses actually becomes a WikiTopic?.

And given the power of perl to search, it would be very cool if the search came back in a concordance format.

Try a search at http://allmyfaqs.com/faq.pl like "submit button". -- JerryMuelver

This is more in line with what I imagined http://www.english.uga.edu/Blake_Concordance/
Imagine using that kind of engine on a wiki database...

Pages with most external links would be interesting as well.

IndexingScheme lists other options to consider. -- JerryMuelver

TextAnalysis? in a Wiki environment anybody?--DennisDaniels

I'm confused (sorry!). what do you mean for an empty search response to become a WikiTopic?? Do you mean how often does someone search for something, not find it, and then create a page to discuss it? (concordance format for searches would be cool, though)-- BayleShanks

This page is in severe need of a description of the SiteSearch pattern, complete with motivating forces, constraints, and consequences, including such things as placement of the search form, varieties of search output, methods for implementing search (e.g. regexes, word index, Google). CategoryToDo. -- SunirShah



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