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I agree that the wiki is great in DocumentMode and ugly when threaded discussion take place (no dates, no constraints on how to layout questions/answers, no author names, etc...)

I am wondering if anybody has tried to implement some kind of mixed mode that allows for threaded discussion on each single document page. UseModWiki allows for subpages like /Talk which are subject to the same criticism I mentioned above since /Talk is simply another wiki page (nonthreaded, nondated, etc...)

How about constraining /Talk to a threaded format? --anon.

We at DseWiki (and me in special) do not think that DocumentMode is the optimum "mode" of wiki pages. To us it seems natural that a "consensus" (if available) is followed by a discussion or by comments. This creates a more complete form of knowledge. We sometimes think about wiki pages as LivingDocuments? that may have various stages of development, but we have not yet written a "document" about these stages. -- HelmutLeitner

Why would technical constraints be needed? If a community wanted their wiki to work this way, they could just move stuff to and fro themselves.

It might be nice for the technology to provide GuidePosts, though, but not constraints. I.e. warn you if your post on the main (non /Talk) page contained " I ".

I feel that DocumentMode is superior when a page can be expressed as such, but that sometimes it cannot. For example, when there is a decision-making process or discussion that has not achieved consensus, it is sometimes helpful to see the actual number and feelings of various participants on each side (but not always).

-- BayleShanks

See also DialecticMode.



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