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In belief that the natural cetres or nodal points of the PageDatabase are pages with high fan-out, that is pages that have a high number of ForwardLinks, an IndexingScheme that lists pages with the most number of links first.

This is the inverse of MostReferencedPages.

Really, it's trivial to create a meaningless page with a lot of links outwards. Just copy and paste AllPages a few dozen times. It's harder to get people to link to your page. Also, studies have shown that people really hate pages with high fan-out because they feel the need to hit every link, especially if there isn't much differentiating the value of one link over another.

It's also possible that high fan-out pages will only be glorified bookmark pages, or link lists. Not too important, really. -- SunirShah

[August 19, 2000]

I have implemented this for MeatballWiki:


-- SunirShah



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