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In the belief that the most referenced pages are the natural "centres" or "nodal points" of the community, an IndexingScheme that lists pages with the most number of BackLinks first. Or, alternatively, the most number of ForwardLinks to it; that is, it would count two links on the same page as two references. Either way, pages with high fan-in.

However, since authors routinely sign with their namepages, the MostReferencedPages would undoubtedly be namepages. This kind of misses the point.

A way around this might be to flag namepages as somehow "different" and exclude them from the listing, for example by excluding pages that link to CategoryHomePage, or that just link to it at the end of the page. An alternative is to exclude forward links that are preceeded by a double-hyphen ala "--" as common convention is to sign "-- MyName".

This is the inverse of MostLinkedPages, and a very close cousin of ShortestPathPages.

[August 19, 2000]

I have implemented this for MeatballWiki:


-- SunirShah



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