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Working a lot about different pattern languages (here about WikiPatternLanguage) I found that the concept of a MultiPattern is necessary. A MultiPattern is N times "a solution to a problem within a context (that has the form of an object)". So although it takes the same fundamental form every time, it can't be described by a single description. I suppose that one could have multiple descriptions or a new kind of meta-description must be found.


It is understandable that in this situation questions like WhatIsaWiki must be difficult to answer. Try to explain "what is a building" as a training field. It should also be clear that a MultiPattern is extremely useful because certain technical processes (although adapted to the situation) can be reused over and over. Basically this seems to be the power that can be felt in a wiki. I think that wiki will become just as important as the other multipatterns listed above.

-- HelmutLeitner



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