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home page: http://www.altheim.com/murray/

Ceryle blog: http://purl.org/ceryle/blog/

Electric Forest blog: http://www.altheim.com/ef/

I'm a bit unclear about how one goes about maintaining multiple home pages on multiple wikis, without going batty. So for right now at least, the place I'm going to pay most attention to is the wiki home page I just set up earlier today (no offense to the meatball wiki intended), which is at [MurrayAltheim]. Over time I have no idea how this will all pan out...

Welcome, Murray! Thanks for WikiMime?. -- SunirShah

Thanks, Sunir. I'm hoping when this is all over you'll still thank me. :-) -- MurrayAltheim

Hi Murray! Pleased to meet you :) -- MichaelSamuels

:-) :-) :-) -- SunirShah



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