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Every year, around Christmas etc. and New Year's, we get a vandal who does a little more than the usual vandalism. While Christmas is supposed to bring out the best in people, it does bring out the worst in many people. I suppose it has to do with all that free time and the emotional weight of the season. Either way, this time of year traffic to the site is also at a yearly low, leaving the site more vulnerable than usual. We've pulled through so far, but I always fear that one day one wiki is going to get seriously bombed for Christmas. -- SunirShah

For New Year's 2003, MeatballWiki was flooded by "142", a troll inhabiting WikiPedia. As penance, I asked irc://irc.freenode.net/#wikipedia to keep an eye on the site while I was away. Turns out the damage wasn't too bad, but in the future it may be worse. It may be a useful strategy to FishBowl or ShieldsUp OnlineCommunities during the New Year's season, or tighten the SurgeProtector. -- SunirShah



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