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The OnlineWorld is like an unknown continent that was just discovered. It has its own rules, risks and chances. The Internet is the medium of choice to access it, but surfing the web is like only looking at this continent on TV. Many corporations drop their ads on this continent (as if from an airplane), but don't make money from it and haven't moved there. E-mails are like homing pigeons flying across the continent. Only a few people enter the wilderness of the OnlineWorld to live there and explore it. The OnlineWorld is not a world of graphics and not a mirror image of the real world; it's the world of free global communication between people and the world of free and open knowledge. -- HelmutLeitner

Oh my gosh:


"So how furious are the Americans? Certainly, American anti-Europeanism is a marginal phenomenon in comparison with its evil European twin. A (real) Google search generates 401 references to ?anti-Europeanism in America? and 22,300 to ?anti-Americanism in Europe?."

The Economist has just cited the number of Google search results as an objective indicator of a socio-political variable.

At this precise moment we have entered into the Internet society.

-- BayleShanks


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