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The organizational structure of a wiki is easily build with a forest of pages. However, maintaining these two-way links by hand is error-prone; using BackLinks on the child pages is infeasible as it prevents LinkingWithoutIndexing; and using a ReverseIndex on the parent pages prevents additional metadata, such as sub-categorisation and descriptive text, being provided for the reader.

Therefore, allow one or more ParentPages to be selected from the child's BackLinks. When a page is first created, use the page it was created from as its initial parent. Display a page's parents in the title bar for the benefit of the reader.

Keeping the ParentPages a subset of the BackLinks prevents a child displaying parents that have disowned it. A tool to allow the designation of children from a pages' ForwardLinks? would be handy.

But, providing sensible PeerReview of changes to ParentPages may be impossible on many wikis without substantial changes to their RecentChanges design. Also, a page cannot be categorized without editing the category page, unlike simple ReverseIndex-based categories.

(Idea originally described on ZWiki:WikiStructuringIdeas)

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