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A German Linux wiki community (mission see below).

TourBus template:

 name: PenguPedia
 tour bus stop URL: http://pengupedia.de/TourBusHaltestelle
 host and e-mail: tom@linuxlog.de, Tom Mettner
 language: German
 mission: Collect Information and Help about the transition Win/Lin and for Linux newbies and enthusiasts. Generate Knowledge about Linux without being too distribution specific.
 wiki-software (clone) used: CoMaWiki?
 geographical location: Germany
 neighbourhood: http://linuxwiki.de, http://tuxfutter.de
 date of birth: July 2004
 pages/homepages: 350+
 open or closed: open
 tour connections / current: none
 tour connections / wanted: http://linuxwiki.de/TourBusHaltestelle, http://www.tuxfutter.de/wiki/TourBusHaltestelle
 date of last update (this template): Aug 25, 2005

Tom, welcome and thank you for your perfect preparation, interaction and timing. I'll suggest Pengupedia on BusRouteDiscussion as soon as possible. Maybe we should start thinking about an additional specialized German Linux or OpenSource tour!? -- HelmutLeitner

Why not. A German-Linux-Tour would be great in my opinion. And there are some more wikis which could participate. Let's start thinking about that!



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