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I think this is offtopic here -- BayleShanks

Maybe if the pervasive computing of weblogs are off-topic. I don't think it's that far afield, but it isn't our core competency. -- SunirShah

Plucker http://www.plkr.org or http://plucker.gnu-designs.com/

Plucker is an offline HTML viewer for PalmOS® devices. An included set of scripts will spider HTML pages which you specify to a supplied depth, and parse them on your desktop machine. Those webpages are processed there and transferred to the Palm for viewing by Plucker.

Plucker supports clickable images, italics, multiple databases, configurable display parameters and stylus options, compression, Perl and Python conduits and parsers, and fully-integrated installers for Windows and MacOsx. It's also a [Debian package] for woody ;-)

Plucker is Open Source software.

Use this page to share good Pluckable pages or pages of pre-plucked databases! If it gets big, we'll refactor it into a couple of pages.

Pluckable Pages



United States

http://printer.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=99999 (replace '99999' with your zip code)



TV / Movie


German Computer related News

Pre-Plucked Databases


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