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About me

I run [Gardenology.org] and [Armeniapedia.org] and am interested in learning more about attracting/developing communities.

Messages and talk

Welcome to MeatBall, Raffi. How big a community do your two wikis have? Where in the WikiLifeCycle would you say they are (if anywhere)? -- ChrisPurcell

Welcome Raffi in MeatBall, a community of practise, where we not only learn and teach but even FosterEachOther. -- FridemarPache

Thanks for the welcome. WikiLifeCycle, eh? Well, judging by the list, they're both at the very early stages. Though both sites are over 5,000 pages, they're mostly due to my efforts. The Armenian site has a few interested contributors, who tend to be quite occasional, and very focused on one page or very narrow section. The Plants site is much newer, and contributions are newer there as well. Neither has come close to a sense of a community or tipping point, though that is my dream :-) -- RaffiKojian

Hopefully the advice on MeatBall will help you get there! -- ChrisPurcell



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