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To connect the RecentChanges of different wikis, we start as a user a WikiTrail, named "RecentChanges".

The initiator has already instantiated this Trail, such that every TrailFire user can immediately enter this mini "bus" or even extend the "bus-line" by adding a new station. Thank you Helmut and all the bus people for the metaphor and the realization of such a bus concept. Starting point of our mini bus alternative is: Wiki:RecentChanges.

Although the author and HansWobbe uses Trailfire, there are probably a lot of open questions and answers, we can share.

To deepen the insight for newcomers and seasoned users alike, we are going to make (interactive) videos with Wink in swf format, upload them to http://swfpages.com, and link the videos from here or via a place, linked from here.


Q: Can someone without having installed the Trailfire software see Wiki:RecentChanges with the additional Trailmark, when clicking on the TrailMark link: http://trailfire.com/fridemar/marks/219749.

A: ...

Now I am going to produce a tiny sketched swf-file: RecentChangesWikiTrail.swf, that shows the initial tour. (Tip: Right click and zoom it for better readability)

Then I produce another shorty: ExtendingRecentChangesWikiTrail.swf, in which we can see, how we add the RecentChanges of the English WikiPedia to the initial WikiTrail.

From then on, it should be a breeze for you to extend arbitrary Wiki Trails. But you never can tell :-) -- FridemarPache PS: Even myself had only the chance to extend my own trails and Hans had not extended my Wiki trail on RecentChanges, probably due to some problems with the software. But meanwhile I found a surprising workaround.


This wink .swf tool looks easy to use. We could use these to assist newcomers for example how to edit a page and get them, who may not feel so confident in editing, to jump in. I shall make my own trial on something. I want to see if the order can be changed sometimes it might tell a better story. I have noticed that it matters where you are scrolled on the page when adding a mark for the trail. It is very difficult to drag the little icon (and therefore entry position) up on long pages and I found no other method. Workaround is to delete mark and make a new one.

We can tell if one does comment on a difficulty here. -- AaronPoeze

Yes it works, you can change the order of marks in Trialfire. -- AaronPoeze

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