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RecentRelatedChanges is a type of FilteredRecentChanges. In particular, it is one way of implementing CategoryFilteredRecentChanges.

There is one RecentRelatedChanges for each page, listing changes to all pages "related" to this page. A few wikis just check the pages linked to:

However, using BackLinks is preferable to ForwardLinks because new pages enter a ReverseIndex category automagically. If one could tractably maintain and search a BackLinkDatabase?, this might be feasible. Alternatively, you could check BackLinks, ForwardLinks and the page itself.

A change that removes the BackLink should also be included (marked differently). This allows one to follow a specific category and PeerReview all relevant category changes. However, no subsequent changes to the page should be displayed.

CategoryWikiTechnology CategoryUncommonWikiTechnology CategoryRecentChanges


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