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Any WikiZens? (MeatBallizens?? MeatBallers??) living in San Francisco USA? Leave your name here. First beer's on me, provided ya ain't too scary ;) -- ChuckAdams

I'm scheduled to be there in 2005 November. Perhaps by then, you'll have inferred enough about me that you'll assume I ..."ain't too scary". -- HansWobbe

It's interesting that within a day, Tim Heil made a similar proposal for Leipzig ([Gr├╝nderWiki:"wiki idea directory"]). Town wikis are in the air.

If anyone is at all interested in at least posting a bit about this, I would like to kick around a few initial suggestions based on my view: GpsIsDefinitive?. -- HansWobbe

I felt like making a similar page for Berlin but I didn't, not yesterday. To support local contact of wikizens one would need a substructure like I created it for local flashmob groups. Click through to your city, list yourself and find local wikizens [flashmob-wiki: terra] -- MattisManzel

Nothing so fancy needed as GPS or "flash mobs", just create a page with a place name and chat. If you really have something that's time-sensitive that you don't want confusing people when it's over, make a subpage. It's wiki, freeform is the way to be! -- ChuckAdams (guess no one's here in the city now... well, hope I'm still here by November next year)

I was looking forward, based on some of the thoughts I recently found at: Wiki:ArePhysicalPostalAddressesArchaic. -- HansWobbe


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