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This page is being retargeted to profile important notes regarding C2. The site is almost normal now and not much spam / edit war, edit code word visible at all times, and increased contributions from various sources. Downside is Wiki:GoogleHatesWiki and not much buy-in for RealNameUserAdvantages -- DavidLiu 28Nov05

Before you edit this page, please note that WardCunningham is not reading this page. However you can still leave quick messages for others.

If you are looking for information about the codeword system for editing WikiWikiWeb pages, see Wiki:WikiAccessRestricted and Wiki:MoreAboutCodes.

Purpose of this page

ShortMessagesWikiWikiWeb is intended for WikiWikiWeb regulars (or past regulars) who want to have a quick word for other members of C2 community. It is an experiment to get people without password access to C2 to leave polite short messages. Messages are intended be removed by the person who made the original post. At times some quick edits have been done on behalf of C2 users thru requests made here. No promises.

Note: Wiki:DeleteInsults and refactoring of long messages are performed here.

It's the very definition of Wiki, right? To be an open, collaborative something. And Ward invented it, right? The big idea was that readers can contribute. If it's not so any more please don't call it "Wiki". -- Anonymous

It's not feeling very collaborative if I can't even update my homepage, never mind anything else. It's not like I contribute a lot, but requiring me to only contribute during US waking hours? Yikes. That basically means no WikiWork? at RealWork?. And since I'm trying to not work when it's NotWork? that means I'm not going to get to contribute....

I can understand the need for some sort of lockout for the spammers, but this seems overkill.

~- KatieLucas? using host80-1-64-33.no-dns-yet.ntli.net

Just minutes ago, I went to edit a c2 page, and the edit code was shown. When I clicked Save, it failed. On refreshing the edit screen, the code word was no longer shown. This was my first edit attempt for several hours, so a change had occurred for some completely arbitrary reason - or perhaps Ward made a mistake. Other people's edits proceeded without probelm. Anyone else have a similar experience? -- Anonymous

Blocking is based on IP ranges. There will always be some people, somewhere in the world, who can edit, all the time. Some IP ranges are never blocked. Others (very large ranges, mind you) are sometimes blocked and sometimes not (the code-word-when-Ward-is-present represents most of that). Still others are semi-permanently blocked, although Ward has declared it a high priority to fix that.

I have been using the c2 website for a while now and I have always enjoyed the experience. I have not contributed a whole lot, but a lot of people do. Currently, the situation is very painful. I don't have the code word, so it is not letting me edit anything (how is this a wiki anymore?) I have sent emails to Ward and I have tried at different times, but to no avail. Suddenly, after a lot of people have contributed to it, Ward has kind of hijacked the whole thing and is basically thumbing his nose at people. It is HIS site and he can do whatever he wants with it, apparently. This is very disappointing. After promoting the site for a long time as a kind of community property, he has now changed tracks and is acting like a dictator. Shame on him!

I wouldn't call it dictatorial ambition, more the opposite: apathy. He hacked together a measure in a few lines of perl, threw it up there, and left it, giving only vague indications that he might do something better sometime. It's not so much the existence of the access control so much as the blind stupidity of it (it requests you "enter the following code word", which simply doesn't appear if you're in a bad IP range, if Ward isn't there, if the moon is gibbous waning in the house of Mars, whatever). The techies are offended by the crudity, and the rest are just miffed at being left out. Most people have already sought greener pastures by now. sic transit c2. --ChuckAdams

I agree entirely. See ReviewedWiki for a suggested fix. -- DavidHopwood?

Sought greener pastures, sure, but what about finding them? If anyone knows of interesting broad-spectrum technical wikis, by all means let us know. I won't leave c2, but I'd like to know about whatever else is out there. -- DougMerritt

It says "type the code word here". "Following" does not occur in the message.

Plenty of people are still participating. A lot more left because of Robert Abitbol and the OpenProxy edit-war idiots who blitzed the place early this year (leading to the current situation) than the edit codeword mechanism.

Perhaps if Anonymous would like to indicate his or her IP address, the situation could be investigated. -- EarleMartin

12-30-2005 Here is an IP address to investigate: Symptoms are as in WikiAccessRestricted?. Ward has been notified, but is Not Responding. Apathy? He seems to be annoyed that these problems are being brought to his attention. --Another AnonymousDonor

C2 Wiki Not Responding?

5 September 2005 - Is the C2 wiki alive? I can't seem to get at it for the past few days. -- AnonymousRecentChangesJunkie?

C2 is back up as of September 6.

Why can't I edit the wiki? My IP is and the code is not displayed when I try to edit pages (has not been for quite some time now), and if I log on through some other internet connection, get the code word and try to enter it, I get the "Need to enter code word to save. This information has been logged. We are sorry for any inconvenience. " message. Everyone I know gets the code word but me *sniff*

You are in the same IP neighborhood as RobertAbitbol?. It may be unblocked at some point in the future, but I couldn't say when. Try contacting a steward. If they know you or if they can easily see that you are an existing user, they will probably give you the alternate code word that will let you bypass the restriction.


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