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SpellingConventions are important: On the EmacsWiki, "normal" spelling is used because just maybe the stuff will be printed one day. In a printed work, various different spelling styles look unprofessional. In personal email, however, people will often use all-lowercase spelling just because they are lazy.

Poor or non-standard spelling makes it harder for the reader to engage in what you write because people find it unnatural to read, and writing in small letters alone makes people take what you write less seriously. That may or may not be important to you depending on your personal style, but it does make refactoring harder as the refactorer has to correct all the mechanics so they are consistent.

For wiki editors, it may therefore be important to enforce spelling rules (by fixing the spelling of contributors), depending on the style of the wiki. There is a certain group pressure to follow existing styles, so the SeedPostings are rather important.

Another advantage of having well-defined spelling rules is that it prevents one small class of EditWars. Pages don't churn as much when there's one accepted way to spell "harbor" or "aluminum".

Contributors: AlexSchroeder, SunirShah

From the StyleGuide. See also AbbreviationsAreEvil.

Spelling Conventions Particular to Meatball

For a discussion of how to spell wiki see WhatIsaWiki.



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