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I am a web project manager from Germany, currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Make a difference, have fun, and maybe even learn something!

Meatball project journal

Hey Tim. I'm glad to see you on MeatballWiki. I'll try to drum up some support at Wikimania. -- SunirShah

Personal Projects

I'm about to launch Electofix (http://www.electofix.de), a website aimed at helping voters make better-informed decisions in the upcoming German elections scheduled for September 18, 2005. The core feature of the site will be a wiki that lets users:

I am looking for experienced wiki users or community architects (preferrably with some knowledge of German, as most of the content will be in German) who would like to support this project. You could:

Estimated project duration: 08/01/2005 - 10/31/2005


Welcome to Meatball, Tim. I like your goal statement! -- ChrisPurcell



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