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I prefer to not give personally-identifiable information.

Hmm, should we take it then that that's not your RealName? A matter of dissappointment, but welcome anyway. I liked your picture at Why:TomStambaugh

Tom, how could you not be 'identifiable'?--we follow in the footsteps of the original Great MuWebWeb. Welcome to Meatball! -- SunirShah

Ah, I show my newbie nature again. NoRespectForHistory --MartinHarper

Heh. You'd be surprised just how many ideas floating (particularly at CommunityWiki) were talked about in the surrounding ether of MuWebWeb. Everything new is old. -- SunirShah

Tom, on http://www.stambaugh-inc.com/cgi-bin/MuWebWeb?NameItself you mention Brian Cantwell Smith. He's my dean here at the Faculty of Information Studies at U. of Toronto. Small world. -- SunirShah

I am surprised you consider it appropriate to remove all your contributions from the c2 wiki, given that you could instead just remove your signature from them. Whilst some of them may have been changed by others, you didn't give a single example of your meaning being changed, as distinct from spelling or typos being corrected or minor changes made to punctuation.



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