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UmlWiki the wiki

UmlWiki' is a Wiki about UML hosted on SeedWiki.

You should be able to access it at


It doesn't look as though SeedWiki works with the InterWiki type mechanisms - let's try anyway ... SeedWiki:UmlWiki

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UmlWiki the feature idea

(from ScalableVectorGraphics):

I finally connected your name. I'd sent you an email sometime ago regarding SVG whiteboard. If I remember correctly you were trying something with a JabberProject/MozillaBrowser combo, but I don't find any refs to your work on that here at MeatballWiki. I see enormous potential in a Whiteboard 'like' environment, given the work that AlexShapiro has done with TouchGraphWikiBrowser

It's clear that the technology will eventually allow for real time dynamic vector graphic generation. I searched quite a bit for an ASCII UML diagram creator to compensate for email and Wiki restrictions. Jave http://www.jave.de/ was the best tool I found for ASCII UML for creation, but always had trouble on sending/recieving the diagrams. Long story short, SVG became my preferred output format. And wiki had the dynamic flexibility but not the graphical interface.

My personal dream since discovering UML and Wiki is to combine the two into a dynamic graphical problem solving environment. I'm not much of a programmer but I'm a pretty damn good user ;). So the trick was always how to combine the graphical language tool we call UML and the node based communication tool we call Wiki. UML Wiki.

This way users can describe their issues/help questions directly to the node that represents the GUI of the application. Activity and Sequence diagrams appears to be the simplest because they are sequential and easier to manipulate with fewer controls. Developers can respond directly to the node with answers questions etc. For the curious users they could go take a look at the source code.

The 'easiest way' I've found so far to keep all this data together and dynamic was some kind of data base generated image, preferably with lots of HyperLink??s. UmlSvgWiki? became my fixation ;) --DennisDaniels.

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