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Mozilla is the be-all and end-all of WebBrowsers. While it may be spelled N-e-t-s-c-a-p-e, it's pronounced Mozilla, as the Readme will surely attest. Most other browsers (InternetExplorer, OperaBrowser, and KonquerorBrowser?, to name a few) will pass themselves off as Mozilla to any web server. They know that Mozilla is the king of browsers!

Mozilla originally meant NetScape. When Netscape opened the source to it's version 5 codebase, the project they created was named Mozilla, spelt M-o-z-i-l-l-a, and pronounced Mozilla.

And on that note, see BadBrowsersMustDie.

See MozillaSidebar for some neat Wiki sidebars you can use with Mozilla, for Mozilla and TWiki. The same thing is now possible for InternetExplorer, though sidebars are a bit harder to install than with Mozilla.

You can also do TWiki:Codev/SherlockAndMozillaSearching with TWiki and PhpWiki, and this is easily added to any other Wiki - the idea is that the Sherlock plugin on MacOS, or the Mozilla Search sidebar on any OS, is used to search several search engines (including one or more Wikis), and the results are then ranked in a single list in the sidebar. Inspired by PhpWiki:PhpWikiSherlockSearch. --RichardDonkin

Download extra SherlockSearchPlugin?s from [Mycroft]. Including my own MeatBall SherlockSearchPlugin? - with an interesting 'side-effect' in relation to Wiki's.

You can also use Mozilla technology to build your own applications, [Creating Applications With Mozilla] (ISBN 0-596-00052-9 (alternate, search)).

Recent Mozilla additions include [Type Ahead Find] and [Link Prefetching].

At time of writing the latest Mozilla version is [1.2b]

Mozilla is becoming MoreThanABrowser?.

-- PaulMillar

But is that good FeatureKarma? I'd like 'zilla to:

  1. handle drag & drop filing of bookmarks correctly
  2. multi-thread itself so a long load in one tab doesn't freeze mere scrolling in the others
  3. not keep flagging that welcome message from Marc Andressen in my mailbox

or take a full 30 seconds to open, or a couple of seconds to open a page. . .

If Mozilla isn't handling something properly then submit a bug report to http://bugzilla.mozilla.org.

What I mean by Mozilla (or IE or OperaBrowser) being MoreThanJustABrowser? is, it seems to me, that emphasis is starting to turn from the main webpage 'view' to the sidebar. Let's imagine I'm a RecentChangesJunkie. I could code up an ASP page which lets me type in a Wiki URL or name and the page takes me straight to the particular Wiki's RecentChanges list - culled from the RSS feed - if something interests me then I click on the link and goto that particular webpage, but I need not actually goto the Wiki itself unless there is a link which may interest me. The same goes for blogs. I could create an ASP service which checks blog - could be combined with [RSS autodiscovery] - RSS feeds for recent changes - type in the URL or name again - if something interests me I goto the blog, or any site which features updateable content.

It's a bit like combining a TV remote control with the TV channel guide. Rather than 'surf the web' I'm just checking the channels which I'm interested in. Emphasis could move from the website to the sidebarsite - what could become more important is the RSS feed and the actual content rather than a 'cool' design.

It would be the start of CentralizingContent? which, in effect, is DecentralizedContent?. This idea is already starting to take effect on some websites like Fyuze, NewsIsFree? and Syndic8 (see ChangeAggregator for URL's).

-- PaulMillar

Actually, Mychaeel has implemented sidebars for UnrealWiki, pretty much as described above.



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