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What is VideoBridge? VideoBridge is a project hosted at DorfWiki. It aims at making video content production, video event broadcasting and multi-point video online conferencing available as cheaply and as OpenSource as possible - especially in the contex of regional development and GlobalVillages. The project is open, it is inter-community and it is more in meatspace (70%) than online (30%).

Currently there are about a dozen partners (half of them representing organisations) that provide various infrastructure, know-how, interests and needs. The activities are very broad: event broadcasting and video conferencing is done since 2005 using high-end equipment (e. g. SONY video conferencing systems, standard TV equipment and personnel) and it is tried to achieve this with cheaper and OpenSource equipment. Courses a planned to train normal people to video+light+sound equipment, so they can produce decent quality video content using consumer camcorders and low-price light+sound. ProWiki gets added capabilities to embed videos in the wiki pages and support cheap servers like youtube or googlevideo. Open Source software solutions to stream (e. g. MPEG-2, MPEG-4) production, conversion and management are sought. Services are defined to build an economical basis for cooperation. ... and a lot of other activities including cooperation with broadband providers and educational institutions.

Examples of ProWiki supporting video (just started testing various platforms and client -- HelmutLeitner):

Interested? Contact:



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