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The WeNameInitiative provides an income model for CreatingAndSharingWealth.

Give your idea, music, graphic, movie, software a catchy domain-name. Buy, develop and sell the domain in the wiki-community.

Enjoy the freedom of giving your work to the wider community freely under one of the CreativeCommons licenses.

FridemarPache PS.: The CreativeCommons are now allowed (surprise, surprise:-) to prosper themselves.

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Hi dear wikizens here, who are interested in OpenBusiness:

a very important aspect for the future of wikis is, how well wikizens in general and specifically the 200 million OLPC-kids can integrate their income dimension into wiki activities.

Wikizens can help each other to become financially independant, such that they need not waste their energies for employers, who's goals are not compatible with the wellbeing of mankind and the wellbeing of the planet.

In this sense I started a WeNameInitiative at the wiki of a socially engaged registrar name.com. Due to the friendly and constructive admin Cottontail it appears to become a success. What about participating in this process, belinking all involved pages. -- [fridemar]

Currently it looks as if name.com doesn't realize the we.name.com wiki. Does somebody know a socially engaged registrar, who offers already such a DomainsBuySellWiki??. Meanwhile name.com appears to appreciate the wiki-community-friendly OpenBusiness style, as practised in [AboutUs:DomainRegistrarTransfer] -- fp

-- FridemarPache


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