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This icon or alternatively DiiGo is a WikiPragma to



Thank you Hans for this shorter WikiPragma and Diigo tag. -- FridemarPache


I think the idea of using some type of markup in this manner has considerable merit, if only because it provide non DiiGo users with some hints regarding what is being done.

The following WikiPragma, at the bottom of the page, indicates actually that there are annotations on this page, tagged appropriately with the tags of the DiigoService.

-- FridemarPache

Temporary work area created by HansWobbbe?

WikiPragma/Novum: link to the special DiiGo page, where the flag combination has BackLinks to this and similar pages/DiiGo:/* _Understrokes as annotation markers_/* Diigo:wiki annotation footnotes markers As footnotes are probably available in more wikis, and because the useful built in counting mechanism, it appears to the author even better to use them as annotation markers.

As footnotes are probably available in more wikis, and because the useful built in counting mechanism, it appears to the author even better to use them as annotation markers.

-- taken from this page's "short digest".

Annotation Down Copy:

<copy> For convenience of the annotation-blind-people and because the Beta of Diigo sometimes doesn't display the annotations, here is a downcopy of my last annotation for translation into French. Only annotation-enhanced people can see the formatted annotation in its full glory. Sorry.


Bonjour, Christophe ( ChristopheDucamp): congratulations: you, HansWobbe and myself appear to be the first three people, who realize SocialAnnotations, i.e. interacting via annotations, communicating useful ideas, concepts, collaborating in this new public space of DiigoAnnotations?.

There are three methods to make your annotations private:

   1. In the DiigoToolBox?? there is a resp. option box
   2. In your DiigoBookmarksSection?? there are actions ("convert to private/public")
   3. In the DiigoAnnotationDialogWindow??, when making a StickyNote?, there is an option box.  

It could be possible, that you don't have the newest DiigoToolBox? FireFoxPlugin?? installed.

Of course, if there is another SocialAnnotationPartner??, you are welcome to join true SocialAnnotating?.

As soon as Diigo has enhanced its annotation service by a WikiEngine, we could easily find SocialAnnotationPartners?? by clicking the automatic link: SocialAnnotationPartnersWanted?.

Note: All CamelCaseWikiWords? above got an automatic wiki link by DownCopy? and UpCopy? of the annotation into the MeatballWiki.

Post by fridemar 12-13-2006 Delete Edit


There is a discussion on Diigo: Re Workaround using TagCombinations [5]

Workaround for the missing WikiEngine in Diigo Annotations:

===Start of Screenshot==========================================================================================

===End of Screenshot============================================================================================

Welcome Diigos, invited via the [WorkaroundForMissingWikiEngine Tip]

The following posting, I made to the Tips forum of DiiGo, was lost as a forum entry, so using the concept of CommunityWiki:MobileContent, I leave a copy here and forward the whole page to a safe email-account: '(Meanwhile the author found it at http://forum.diigo.com/topic/626#new). It was relocated without leaving a backlink.'


Tip: Workaround for the missing WikiEngine in Diigo Posted by Fridemar Pache on 13.12.2006 16:37

Dear Diigos, dear Maggie, dear Diigo programmers:

on the wiki page MeatballWiki:DiiGo (if we had already a DiigoWiki?, I wouldn't be forced to write explicitly the following ugly URL :-)


I demonstrated a workaround, enhancing the DiigoAnnotationSystem? by WikiFeatures, not yet implemented.

The DiigoAnnotationSystem?, enhanced by a WikiEngine, is a BreakThroughTechnology?, allowing true social annotations, where a rich context of accumulated community wisdom allows efficient collaboration by annotation.

I see a future, where the annotations become full blown up Webpages, with their own URLs, that can be annotated themselves.

Thus the annotations over a base Web page can evolve into something, that is of much higher value, than the underlying base page.

I envision a future, where the AnnotationSphere? becomes even more important than the current BlogoSphere.

DiiGo appears to be the first, realizing this goal.

I love DiiGo.


PS.: Dear Diigo programmers, please don't forget to give exact UTC Date/Time stamps for serious collaboration, because "time counts".


On the [Diigo Sign-in page] you can find an annotation with the topic: CollaborationByAnnotation. As this is relevant for MeatballWiki and currently annotations cannot be addressed individually, the author copies it down to an addressable WikiPage for further elaboration.

TwinPages: [WardsWiki]

DiiGo [6],Google [7]: DiiGo+wiki+annotation+WikiPragma
HansWobbe annotation test area... It may be useful for an author to have a cluster of annotation 'targets' in an unobtrusive area at the end of a page. (This positioning may conflict with the Style of some pages where (by convention) discussions & WkiMail? are added at the end of the page.)'' This page segment is a bit of a test of these issues.
Hans, as we two are both users of DiiGo and TrailFire, you and all the other annotation-aware wikizens might want to use the synergies, that come from the InteroperabilityOfDiigoAndTrailfire. -- [fridemar]

Test if it is possible to use the following script here, in Diigo or FireTrail annotations:

 <a href="#" onclick="var  
  style="border:none" alt="diigo it" src="" /></a>
-- fridemar Negative! So we can only use this icon , to signal, that Diigo annotations are on the page.

1. Discussion snippets

This next block of text has been removed here from a prior annotation.

1.1. Fridemar & Hans


I absolutely agree that Edit functions are essential.! I also think that is essential to be able to insert a link (like previous releases used to allow). And I find my self only using DiiGo for (non) Business purposes, since they cache the full contents of any page that is annotated and a lot of what I work on is constrained by Non Disclosure Agreements.

I quite like the idea of annotating and I am hopping to convince Maggie to release a "client side" version or a "firewalled" version, when I'm on the west coast next month. -- HansWobbe



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