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A wiki is an ideal development tool for the production of CBT (computer-based training) and/or WBT (web-based training) suites.

The wiki way accommodates:

Make it in a wiki, test it, refine it, capture the wiki to pure HTML, burn it on CDROM.

Um, Wiki:GingerFactor... ???

More like the Far Side cartoon that shows an airliner taking off... with a frog swinging below, the end of his tongue stuck to the plane's belly... High amibition. -- JerryMuelver

I figured out how to do simple and quick visual technician training with Wiki and burn a CD containing the HTML. People at the place I worked said, "Oh, that's cool!" But... that's as far as it got. So the process works, however, you need to get an application where the people think they need it. --KirkKitchen

I may have the app -- iWiki Site Writer -- standalone wiki-based PIM, texbase, courseware, ebook writer for Windows, is functioning merrily along in beta. Please take a half-hour to check it out. It'll look quite familiar -- http://ebookwiki.com/wiki/index.php?page=ISW


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