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I am Jerry Muelver, mailto:jerry@hytext.com, the editor of

and author of WikiWriter , a standalone wiki (no server) for PIM, textbase, tutorial, and other writing projects.

I am initially interested in wikis for their potential to involve the nearly-nondigital in web-based activity, but I'm beginning to see much wider application opportunities. I've been a free lance technical communicator (all right -- tech writer) since 1966, and earn my living mostly by creating intranet and online-help solutions for operator and service support.

At the moment, I am very hot on http://unumondo.com Esperanto wiki, where folks can post in any language, and the Esperanto community will pitch in to translate all postings to Esperanto. The wiki concept is a perfect match for the EsperantoIdea?.

So, what happened to the Unumondo wiki? --ChuckSmith
Unumondo name expired. I just repurchased it, and am in the process of rebuilding the site. -- Jerry

The early incarnations of this page:

Current interests -

Mutant Wiki Thoughts

Perhaps due to my personal preference for working solo (mostly because no one wants to work with me after the first couple of meetings), I have less of a "wiki as community" than a "wiki as production tool" view of this magic concept. To that end, I am trying to distill my thinking about authoring and doc-production tools and the role wikis may (do?) have in this process. I've made a solo-worker start, but it cries for community review. Please consider WikiMutants for discussion and enhancement.

Wiki Mutant Software - 2002.06.11 - I've developed a standalone wiki-based PIM, textbase, courseware, ebook writer for Windows. It uses an embedded browser, UseMod<-like structure, Wiki-Tiki-Tavi styling, blend of 'Tavi and Meatball syntax (plus raw HTML), output to single compiled file so it can be packaged with the included (non-editing) viewer. I have to work up a Pro version that will do HTML output (webify the project), maybe Open-EBook. Info page at http://hytext.com/ww/



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