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I am trying to build a community on the PowWowWiki, also implemented as a UseModWiki. I have realized that I may spend quite some time just adding my own content, and if that is all it ever turns out to be, so be it. Still, community makes some really cool things happen.

Many of the people I have invited to my Wiki are RegularPeople -- not especially technical or even very adept at computer use. Typically, they are AmericaOnlineUsers?, so they are used to having everything put right in front of them as big, happy, blue buttons. Which begins to get me to my point...

What I am pondering is this:

-- MikePence

I interpret "big, happy, blue buttons" as lots of graphics, less spartan than this wiki, for example. Did you take a look at AnimeFu? It has lots of graphics, a navigation bar on the left, colors... -- AlexSchroeder

Arrrgh, this is not a problem of colorful buttons.

I've spruced UseModWiki up quite a bit with CSS on UnrealWiki (check UseMod for URL & the patches I've applied). However, the fact that Wiki doesn't have BigBlueButtons? (sorry, that's just crying to be a wiki link...), is often stated as one of the reasons WhyWikiWorks. -- Tarquin

I know some problems of RegularPeople:

It is our responsibility as community builders to provide for these experiences.

-- HelmutLeitner

man, that's pessimistic.

another possibility is that people are more comfortable posting a comment than editing some else's web page. if this is the case, EasySubmission would help.

see also MakeWikiMoreAccessible, WikiIsMissingTheUserConcept, WikiCommunityBuilding

-- I think, that the point is here WhatDoRegularPeopleWant?? I consider myself very regular, however I am college educated, computer saavy, but not overly technical. Is that the demographic we are looking for? Or are we looking for non-technical, unsaavy users on AOL that can barely operate their own windows machines? If that is the case I think you need to start with the saavy, educated non-techs and work from there. Then the question becomes

-- AndrewFischer?

what category is this page? CategorySocialEngineering?? CategoryWikiBuilding?? CategoryWikiConventions?


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