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In relation to BuildingVirtualCommunities, I find that many Wiki engines have a weak concept of UserIdentity?.

Let me clarify.

Any virtual community is built of individuals, whereas any web site is often simply an amalgamation of content. For Wiki's to succeed as a vehicle for building VirtualCommunity, the concept of UserIdentity? needs to be strengthened, if not made central.

For example, I would love to see a Wiki engine (and yes, I am writing one in Java) that embraces the concept of WikiUser?s. It could do so in the following ways (among others):

No point in beating a dead horse. The thing I am trying to convey here, is that if Wiki more thoroughly embraces the concept of user and content, it could do some really cool things and put more umph in the community aspects of things. -- MikePence

Do you mean RecentUsers or RecentVisitors? RV could be automated, and then the history could be viewed in a RecentVisitorsLog?.

I like the implementation in WikkiTikkiTavi. This seems simple and direct. --MikePence


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