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Wiki:WikiOnWiki Metadiscussion on Wiki in can move here to MeatballWiki, where it is on topic. -- FridemarPache

Actually, people probably shouldn't move WikiOnWiki pages to MeatballWiki, unless they're moving their own writing and wish to develop it here. Text detached from the person(s) interested in it doesn't graft very well into a new wiki environment. -- StephenGilbert

I'm always a bit puzzled by WikiOnWiki (meta-)discussions. There are so many flavours:

Usually it would be good to separate them. Usually it is impossible to separate them. E.g., making a WikiEngine save a full VersionHistory touches technical issues (present and future) and community issues (may weaken a community by removing the attack-defense-pattern).

[WikiFeatures] is a wiki for collecting feature ideas for WikiEngines, and keeping tabs on the development of various wiki features.


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