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Research on WikiPractices can refer to at least three areas: content, sociology, and technology. See also WikiAsScience.

Originally posted on the [wiki-research mailing list]. Thanks to HelmutLeitner and KrishnamurtiSubramanian?!


There will be a workshop on WikiResearch at both the upcoming wiki-based conferences, WikiMania? and WikiSym - the brainstorm for Wikimania workshop is [here]. There are also plans to develop a LearningCommunity about WikiResearch at WikiVersity (details of which soon).

There is the [academia wiki] for peer-reviewing articles (on any subject), which has its own [Wiki Journal]. I'm not sure if some of that will be migrated to WikiVersity in the future - still, I'd very much like to keep in touch about this :-) PS: By "WikiIndex" do you mean the [Wiki Research Bibliography]?-- CormacLawler

I think WikiResearch is still too heterogenous for a journal and I doubt that a traditional journal with time-consuming peer-review is the right way. A weblog or newsletter with an open space to colaboratively edit articles should be sufficient but anyway someone needs to do the main work to get it published regularly. -- JakobVoss?

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